IntroductionPatience anchored at West Jarvis Island, Barkley Sound.
Around Vancouver Island (AVI) is an entertaining story about circumnavigating Vancouver Island, British Columbia. If you like a good sea or adventure story, or are planning on sailing the waters around Vancouver Island, you will probably enjoy this tale. While we sailed around Vancouver Island, we visited places like Nootka, Hot Springs Cove, Barkley Sound, Nanaimo and Cape Scott. We saw literally dozens of eagles. We saw both killer and humpback whales. At the end of the trip, I made a mistake of judgement and nearly got us into some serious trouble in the rip tides off Point Wilson in the Puget Sound.
The voyage was made in a 38' cutter rigged sailboat called the Patience. The story is set in 1995/1996 and is based on fact. AVI is 13,000 words long and contains over 40 quality pictures. For those that care, all images in Around Vancouver Island have width and height tags, so the text part of the story will download quickly. The story is divided into six chapters. You can either dive right in to chapter one or go to the table of contents. There is also an clickable imagemap that will bring you right to the text and pictures for the geographical region you clicked on. Lastly, if you are a cruiser looking for information on a specific place, there is an alphabetical index of all locations listed in the story.
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